December 22nd, 2013

Kento and Shori: cuddles

[my favourite things] day 11: nakajima kento x sato shori

Nakajima Kento x Sato Shori
I love this pair because despite how opposite they are, they really suit one another. I love how Shori had a huge, unabashed crush on Kento for such a long time. I love how he stared lovingly at Kento from behind him throughout the Sexy Summer making of video, and how he would always gaze at Kento in concerts up until the Japan Tour concert. I love how he just looks so overjoyed even when they're doing silly fanservice together. I love how being around Kento makes Shori giggly and giddy. And I love how Kento seems to find Shori so cute and endearing despite the fact that Kento is so extroverted and over the top and popular and Shori is shy and introverted and quiet. I love the fact that they both seem to come together over their love of Sexy Zone, and over their mutual drive to give their all to their group. I love that despite everything, they seem to fit together really well, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go in the future.