January 12th, 2014

Reia: love me?

[translation] Wink Up January 2014: Jinguji x Kishi x Genki x Miyachika x Reia x Amu x Fu

I translated last months' Winkup! I was happy to see all of these guys having an article together, and I was pretty amused by some of their answers. They talk about what they want to give their girlfriend for Christmas, what they wanted to accomplish before the end of 2013, and their recent state. Click the cut to read about Jinguji's idea of a Christmas party in their group, Kishi's inability to make people laugh, Genki's crying episode during ABC-Za, Reia's new skateboard tricks, and more~

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In other news, yomimashou and I ended up buying resale tickets to Gamushara J's Party. They were on the pricy side, but the venue's pretty small, so we're hoping that playing the seating lottery (or in this case, the standing spot lottery) will work out for us. It never really has before, but you know. We have hopes! XD;