January 26th, 2014

Reia: love me?

Sex Boyz/Johnny's Juniors icons!

Icons! I've had some of these sitting around for a really long time, but I finally got a decent sized batch done~ They're sort of a jumbled bunch (and embarrassingly Reia-heavy), but I think there are some okay ones in there. ^^;

[65] Sexy Boyz / Johnny's Jr
[33] Nakamura Reia
[2] Iwahashi Genki
[4] Kishi Yuta
[1] Haniuda Amu
[9] Matsukura Kaito
[2] Nakamura Reia & Haniuda Amu
[8] Miyachika Kaito & Iwahashi Genki
[1] Haniuda Amu & Matsuda Genta
[5] Matsukura Kaito & Matsuda Genta

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