February 20th, 2014

Yugo: golden

more chocolate adventures!

So, I already posted about my chocolate for my coworkers on Valentine's Day (and I'm really hoping for SOMETHING on White Day all things considered XD), but last night, I finished round two of chocolates, this time for my fellow ALTs who work for the same board of education~ I made them each one tart cup, because I found large tart cups at the store and wanted to try them out. I think it turned out pretty well!

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I have no idea how they taste |D But I hope that they're good! It was a lot of fun making them since they're a lot bigger than what I normally make, so I could do different things with the design. I guess I'll find out how well received they are on Monday~ For now it's time to do my nails and get stuff ready to head to Tokyo on Saturday morning~ Almost time for the Kamen Teacher movie!

Oh, and I got all my copies of Sexy Second, finally! Babies. ♥ More thoughts will come later when I listen to it thoroughly~