March 5th, 2014

Taiga: uh huh

"gamushara" is definitely one word for it...

So apparently this is a thing. And I'm stoked! I guess it's a replacement for Johnny's Junior Land? But hey, who cares, because Reia is in the cast list. For the first time in... a really long time? But more than that (or at least of equal value, but still Reia-related) is just who's on the cast list. Let's take a look...
(ジェシー/岩橋玄樹/神宮寺勇太/髙橋海人/松村北斗/中村嶺亜/安井謙太郎 他)
■ Johnny's Jr.
(Jesse /Iwahashi Genki /Jinguji Yuta /Takahashi Kaito /Matsumura Hokuto /Nakamura Reia /Yasui Kentaro, others)

So let's see. That's Hokuto and Jesse, one other representative of the older group (no clue why not two but I'm guessing the Bakaleya guys have too much life going on and Hagiya wasn't worth mentioning?), two Sexy Boyz, and... what's that now? TWO FROM REIA3???

That's right! It looks like Reia3 (as I'm calling them until Johnny's gets off their ass and gives them a real group name) ranked as being of equal importance to Sexy Boyz. J.J.Express, anyone? In other words, I really feel like this supports the hypothesis I made here. With Sexy Boyz filling the spot of the necessarily 4-member junior unit and Reia in a spot where he's not threatened by Jinguji and Genki's popularity and can shine in his own right, for once, I'm actually genuinely feeling... almost optimistic about this. I know that in Johnny's, it's best to always keep one's hopes at a bare minimum, but... well... if nothing else, I'm going to silently cheer for Reia.

However, what I'm less thrilled about is that apparently, there's not going to be any fanclub balloting for Gamushara J's Party 2. What is that supposed to mean, exactly? That the fanclub being "under construction" currently has finally gotten in the way of ballots? But Junior fanclub members can still ballot for stageplays and Sexy Zone's new tour. That Johnny's is trying to come closer to being like AKB and is giving everyone a shot at tickets? That really just goes against everything that Johnny's has ever been, and while honestly, I was already planning on buying my tickets secondhand, anyway... it sets my teeth on edge just a little. Sometimes shit in Johnny's just means Johnny's can't get their crap together, but sometimes it means something more, and things like this will always make me anxious.

Does anyone know what faction TV Asahi is? I know they're airing a drama with Ohno soon, but besides that, all I can think of offhand that they show is Music Station, which is pretty neutral in my experience...?

...and I've been trying not to say anything about this because wank will be wank, but I do have to say I'm happy Ijima is taking a hit by Jin leaving Johnny's~ Suck it, Ijima.