March 9th, 2014

Yugo: well?

this bullet point format is pretty convenient actually

❆ Saw the Kamen Teacher movie again! I took notes this time, so a full plot summary should be coming sometime in the near future. Also, we randomly got free Kamen Teacher stickers! They're super adorable, just little simple line drawings of the kamen helmet things. Super cute! I don't know why they randomly decided to give out free stickers this weekend, but I'm definitely not complaining!

❆ Got the Junior calendar. There's some good and some bad? As per usual with Junior stuff, lol. It's not surprising that there's so much of the older/mid-age-range Kansai juniors since they debuted since this was made, but it cracks me up how many pictures of the former 4-member Johnny's West there are. Oops! They divided the Tokyo older juniors into age brackets, so it's Yasui, Hanzawa, Yugo, and Myuto as one group and Taiga, Yasui, Shintaro, and Hagiya as another. Naturally, this is pretty upsetting to me, but... what are you going to do. Johnny's has to play games with my heart always. Luckily, there's a lot of super cute photos of Reia! He gets included with Kishi, Genki, and Jinguji a lot instead of Miyachika still, since Myojo loves Reia more than Miyachika lol. And there is an adorable photo of Gengen. And best of all, the calendar part is detached from the photos, so you can choose who you look at and who you don't ever see! So I guess I'm okay with it all. XD;;

❆ T minus 4 days until graduation, brb sobbing my eyes out. I really can't bear the thought of these kids leaving me. They grow up so fast!

❆ I have so many fics on the back burner. @__@; I still owe fics from the meme I did a few entries back, and now I have Kamen Teacher inspiration, and I have a fic that I wanted to get done before one of the fics I'm going to write for the meme, but all of that has to wait so I can write the Kamen Teacher summary. So... sorry if all of this is really slow and takes a long time. @__@;; I'm basically the slowest ever, but... I'm going to do my best to be productive in the coming weeks!