March 26th, 2014

Chinen: wtf

lol Johnny's what.

Back from today's adventures! Somehow, pretty much everything went off without a hitch. I'm probably going to have a million dollar cell phone bill this month from trying to communicate with my parents, but… oh well. At least they made it here safe!

Meanwhile, Gamushara J's party was… utterly bizarre. Unlike last time, where there was a wide variety of ages and groupings, this time was… literally ten people. Jesse, Hokuto, Yasui, Juri, Shintaro, Hagiya, Shoki, Noon Boyz, and that guy I hate Okamoto Kauan. Yasui put up a fair fight, but there was basically no mood-maker, and since the cast of the show was only listed as "Johnny's Junior" everywhere, a huge percentage of the audience was disappointed that the person they wanted to see wasn't there (I heard several girls complaining after the show and one girl flat-out ripping the show apart on the phone to a friend). During the show (I was in the balcony, where there were seats), a lot of girls were sitting down, and for a lot of the numbers, the lower floor didn't have as much enthusiasm as last time, either. There were definitely enjoyable parts? But I don't think that the audience as a whole enjoyed it as much as they might have, and that made me feel bad for the guys, who I'm sure could tell. I'm planning on writing a pretty brief report whenever I get the chance, which will undoubtedly be after my parents leave, but yeah. Really strange experience overall.

They did show us clips of Gamushara, though! I'm looking forward to it. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun, and, of course, Reia~~~~ was prominent in a lot of the preview clips~ ♥

On a final Johnny's-wtf note, they announced this at the show and just now by email… there's going to be a Gamushara J's Party part 3… on  4/16 and 4/17. Yes, that's right, on a Wednesday and Thursday, from 6 to 8 pm. Fuck you, Johnny's.

But now I'm exhausted~ Again, I may or may not be around much for the next week or so, but be patient with me and I'll try to respond when I can!