May 11th, 2014

Chinen: captivated


I made it back alive! I'm dead tired and about to pass out, and I haven't checked my email or flist yet (I'll get to it tomorrow morning, sorry!), but I wanted to drop by and say I'm hear, I'm alive, and I'm looking forward to a break from traveling next weekend. XD

JUMP was really fun, and I did manage to meet up briefly with the wonderful kaleidoruby and pass off her KisuMai goods that I've been holding onto for way too long. XD; britkit27 also made it to the concert without dying from jet lag after just arriving back in Japan from a trip to Italy, so all in all, that was good. XD Sadly, we didn't manage to meet up with Amanda (of je_goods), because she developed a migraine and went home straight after the concert. I hope she feels better. ;~~;

Then today, we got breakfast before sending britkit27 home and meeting up with the ever-lovely snowqueenofhoth and yararanger! We got a long lunch and caught up and chatted about JE, and generally had an awesome time! I'm really glad we got the chance to meet up~ I really really enjoyed the conversation ♥

After that yararanger had to run and snowqueenofhoth headed off to the JUMP concert, yomimashou and I debated going to the Johnny's shop but decided against it due to the crazy line of JUMP fans wanting the JUMP photos that were released yesterday. XD; We hit the paparazzi places instead and got some fabulous junior sketchy shots, so all is well~

I'm going to try to get my report, the Kamen Teacher summary, and the Gamushara J's Party Vol 2. report all done within the next two weeks. I also need to start on je_wakamono and post the backlog of photos and stuff I have to post. Hopefully I can have a productive week! But for now… sleep. I'm exhausted. x__x;