June 2nd, 2014


more fic??

Ahaha, so I got a lot of really nice comments on my Jinguji and Reia get-together fic, so I ended up writing a companion. This one's from Reia's point of view, so… more expected from me XD And also features Shintaro! Because those two are adorable besties. It's just a short little blurb, but… enjoy~

title: Nice
rating: g
pairing: Jinguji Yuta/Nakamura Reia, passing Yuma/Shintaro
word count: 1,565
beta: yomimashou
author's note: I've always wanted to write a fic about Shintaro and Reia being buddies, and while this isn't exactly about that, it is in here. XD; Companion to (third time's the) charm, meant to be read second.
summary: "You're too nice," Shintaro says, "That's why you're letting that guy take you out, right?"

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