June 3rd, 2014

Inoo&Hikaru: upward

two completely unrelated things!

First things first: Myojo, you are my one true love; thank you for this tweet!! A quick translation:
【Johnny's Junir, Myojo July issue】During the photo session, as they walked through the park, Iwahashi Genki said to Jinguji, who was talking about Nakamura Reia, "This whole time it's just been Reia, Reia. You really love Reia, huh?" Jealousy?!

I love how Johnny's/magazines are always pushing for multiple pairings. XD;; But. Assuming that the factual parts of this story are true… ;~~~~~; Their love is so beautiful. Jinguji is always worrying about being judged, and shows such a cultivated, fake image to the world, and tries to only do fanservice with the people Johnny's wants him to do fanservice with, but… he really does love Reia behind the scenes, and it's adorable every time we get to see it, like in the King & Queen & Joker making!

Second, I got tagged to do a handwriting meme by yararanger! I think that my handwriting is basically exactly what you'd expect from me… neat to a fault, haha. Image is under the cut to save the flists!

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