June 4th, 2014

Jinchan: srsly?

Sexy Family tiems…?

Part 100 of "it sucks to be sitting at home knowing your guys are performing in Tokyo"… =___= Oh Gamushara J's Party, y u gotta b dat way. Luckily, none of my boys were in the show tonight, though according to twitter, Yugo went to watch.

Tomorrow is the last J's Party until September, probably, since Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri is happening in July and August… which reminds me that basically nothing (that I've seen) has been posted about it on LJ, so I figured I might as well go ahead and make a post. XD; This is translated directly from the Junior email I got, so I can't really prove I'm not making it up, because… email XD;; So… please take my word for it. |D;


        「Gamushara Sexy Natsu Matsuri!!」decided!


Johnny's Junior, breaking into the Sengoku Period!!
The show in coordination with the TV program,『Gamushara J's Party!!』, will team up with Marius Yo's group and the Sexy Family、and will power up further!

All the shows will be in a battle format, and they'll light the stage on fire with competitive spirit!
Who will be the champion this summer!?

Sexy Boyz
Marius Yo・Iwahashi Genki・Jinguji Yuta

Sexy Show
Matsushima Sou・Matsuda Genta・Matsukura Kaito

Johnny's Jr.

※ Please understand that who appears and the content of the show may change based on the day and time. Also, the cast may be changed.
※ Please do not inquire about the cast.

 Event Schedule (Totale 30 shows)
◇Tokyo/EX Theatre Roppongi
 7/30 (Wed)~8/10 (Sun)

◎ The schedule and details on how to apply will be announced as soon as they're set. Please wait.

So… yay? Not really sure, but I'm definitely going XD;; Hopefully more than once, but we'll see! Johnny's is so utterly bizarre… I'm interested in seeing where this "Sexy Show" business goes, if anywhere XD; But for now, I guess all there is to do is wait until more information becomes available~