June 8th, 2014

Kento and Shori: cuddles

King & Queen & Joker icons!

So, I started these like a million years ago, but I didn't finish them until today, oops. King & Queen & Joker icons! These are all icons from the "drama" part of the PV, with the King and Queen and Joker and Jack outfits, so because of the bad lighting and weird filters, some of them aren't that great. x__x; But… enjoy anyway? Also, to fill up the last row, have four of blonde Jinguji from his Crea shows, just because.

[56] King & Queen & Joker
[18] Sato Shori
[8] Kikuchi Fuma
[10] Nakajima Kento
[3] Marius Yo
[4] Kikuchi Fuma & Sato Shori
[9] Kento & Sato Shori
[1] Kikuchi Fuma & Nakajima Kento
[3] Marius Yo & Matsushima Sou
+[4] Jinguji Yuta from Crea

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