June 9th, 2014

Jun: thougtful


Ugh, I think I'm coming down with something. Which… is surprisingly late considering how long I've been totally abusing my sleep schedule. But I feel out of it and my throat hurts, so I'm going to try to get to bed early, and put doing anything productive off until later. x___x;

But… after watching AKB Senbatsu last weekend, I've been having a lot of various AKB feels (yeah, I know), and just… being really happy about Mayuyu winning this year. As someone who's used to indirectly-competitive performance environments, I just can't stand Sasshi, because she basically disregards every rule in the book and throws it in the face of the girls who have been trying really hard and working their butts off and staying within the rules this whole time. The only reason she won was because her rich fans were putting down thousands of dollars to vote for her; it's clear from the way most of the other top spots decreased and Mayuyu increased that generally, many general AKB fans wanted Mayuyu to win. It really gives me a sense of ~right winning over wrong, as corny as that is, and I feel like it really resonates with me after watching bitches whose mothers threatened the director win out for years over hard-working girls at my dance studio. I've never really liked Mayuyu before, but I have to say, now, she's a shining star to me. ♥

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And now I'm going to collapse. Hopefully I'll be more with it tomorrow x__x; I'm halfway through my current Sexy Zone fic project, so I'm really hoping that it'll be done in the near future. And it's almost time to turn je_wakamono assignments in and I don't have a title yet… x___x;;;