June 20th, 2014

Kento and Shori: cuddles

New Sexy Zone single and fan event!

Wow, this summer is just going to be Sexy Zone and Sexy Zone alone! Just today, I got a fanclub email announcing their seventh single, to be released in September, and an event to go with it! I figured I'd translate it and stick it up here, in case anyone was interested! As always, this is from my personal fanclub email, so I can't prove it; you're going to have to trust me. XD;

      「Sexy Zone New Single Presentation in Yoyogi」decided!
           Entries to participate now open!!

Sexy Zone to commemmorate Sexy Zone's 7th single being decided,
the fan event「Sexy Zone New Single Presentation in Yoyogi」has been set!

We're planning a fresh special event
to commemorate the new song that will be released in September
Let's celebrate the summer of 2014 coming getting fired up with Sexy Zone!

For those who wish to participate, please look at the following "how to participate" and apply before the deadline.
We're waiting for all the fans' applications!

「Sexy Zone New Single Presentation in Yoyogi」
7/15 (Tues) Tokyo・Yoyogi National Gymnasium Dai Ichi Taikukan

【Program Time】
The afternoon of that day
※ When more details are available they'll be explained to the participants

【Participating Members】
Sato Shori / Nakajima Kento / Kikuchi Fuma

【Application Times】
6/20 (Fri) 12:00pm ~ 25 (Wed) 11:59pm

【How to Participate】
Those who apply within the application time and are selected to participate
and go on the day of the event to the special CD reservations stand at the venue and
reserve Sexy Zone's new single「Title TBA (Sexy Zone Shop ver.:Yoyogi Limited ver.)」(CD + goods)
will be allowed to participate.

【How to Apply】
Please access the「Sexy Zone Fan Event」special website
and enter the necessary information. You can apply as a pair.

Sadly, this event is while school is still in session, so I most likely can't go. >__<;; Here's to hoping there will be footage of it on the single, or something.

Unrelatedly, I'm going to Tokyo Disney Sea tomorrow with my coworkers, so here's to hoping it does't rain on us. I have to get up as ass o'clock in the morning, so I'm heading to bed!