July 5th, 2014

Reia: cute

Myojo Junior icons!

Ugh, so, I'm still sick and feeling gross, but I managed to finish the icons I started on Thursday! I was really happy with this Myojo article, so I wanted to share my love in icon form. XD;

Unrelated to this… I feel like while I've been sick, but even before that, while I've been sort of busy with work and stuff, I've been really bad at staying in touch and communicating with people. I know I post to my LJ pretty often, but posting to LJ and communicating with people are two really different things in my mind, and while posting to LJ is relaxing, when I'm already worn down, communicating with people is a lot of pressure (I don't want to say the wrong thing and make anyone upset, for example). So I'm really sorry if we've fallen out of touch in the past month or so! I promise, it's me, not you. I suck x___x;

But I'll try to get back on the ball, and for now… enjoy…?

[55] Juniors from July Myojo
[10] Kishi Yuta
[9] Iwahashi Genki
[8] Jinguji Yuta
[12] Nakamura Reia
[16] Jinguji Yuta & Nakamura Reia

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