July 12th, 2014

Chinen: captivated

The Music Day, etc

First and foremost, Yamada's hair!!!! It looks amazing!! I've been saying that he should go blonde for years now. And I was so right!

In much less exciting news, I've been doing basically nothing with my life while trying to get better from being sick. I was originally supposed to go to Tokyo today to help doctoggy celebrate her birthday, but I didn't want to push it when it's only been like 3 days since I had a fever. x___x; I feel bad, but hopefully I can make it in next weekend.

Instead, though, I watched The Music Day on NTV~ It's always fun seeing the Johnny's Medley, and playing Arashi's TV game! I also got to watch AKB's new song, and idk how I feel about it yet. I had really high hopes for it and for Mayuyu, but I didn't love it. Then again, I don't love Koisuru Fortune Cookie, either, so… I'm hoping it's popular.

JUMP performed a new song, though!!! Exciting! I'm not sure if it's for Kindaichi, or what, but here's to hoping that it's going to be a single x__x Because I don't want it to be another year and a half before another single comes out. >__<

Last but not least… just going to drop this here ♥