July 22nd, 2014

Keito: picturesque

and back to Sexy Zone posts.

Going to bed in an hour because I have to be up at 4 to be out of here by 6 to get to Saitama Super Arena by 8 to see Sexy Zone from the arena at 10 @___@ I'm full of anxiety about everything; how the concert will go, how the penlight stuff will go, how I'll handle it all on so little sleep… but right now there's not much to do besides try to get some rest and trust everything will be okay.

For now, to think positive:
♡ All five members will be there
♡ High likelihood that Reia will be there
♡ Hopefully really good seats! Arena and first row stands!
♡ Since the seats are good, hopefully I can be seen by Reia, etc.
♡ Since I can be seen, hopefully I can show Marius and Sou they are loved

And more, I'm sure. If nothing else, Johnny's has promised us all five members, and that's what matters the most right now.

Wish me luck @___@ I'll report back about anything important tomorrow and write a full report after that.