August 7th, 2014

Reia: cute


For anyone not following the official Gamushara twitter, or who can't speak Japanese, I figured I'd do a roundup of the Gamushara Shows to date! So he's the score going into the last three days of shows.

■Results for 8/7 (Thurs)■
First show ~ Sha: 115 - Ra: 104
Second show ~ Sha: 106 - Ra: 114
Third show ~ Sha: 107 - Ra: 120

■Scores up until now■
Team Ga: 5 wins, 4 losees (6 shows to go)
Team Mu: 4 wins, 6 losses (5 shows to go)
Team Sha: 6 wins, 6 losses (3 shows to go)
Team Ra: 7 wins, 6 losses (2 shows to go)

So that means that as of right now, Team Ra is in first place, Team Sha is in second, Team Ga is in third, and Team Mu is in fourth. I have my own thoughts on how the show is going to go (and I trust Johnny's to leave the results up to chance like I would trust Kento not to touch unattended bananas), but I guess we'll just have to wait and see! For now I'm rooting for team Sha!

Also, je_fqfest has finished posting and there's some great fics over there! Go ahead and check it out! There are two Jinguji/Reia fics!!