August 8th, 2014


More Gamushara results!

A followup to the last post, after today:

■Results for 8/8 (Friday)■
First show: Mu 111 - Ra 107
Second show: Mu 105 - Ra 116

■Scores up until now■
Team Ga 5 wins, 4 losses (6 shows to go)
Team Mu 5 wins, 7 losses (3 shows to go)
Team Sha 6 wins, 6 losses (3 shows to go)
Team Ra 8 wins, 7 losses (0 shows to go)

So right now, the best that Mu can hope for is to tie with Ra, sigh. ;;; I feel so bad for those kids. They tried so hard, and it wasn't Gengen's fault that he got injured. ;__; But Team Ra finished up just about equal wins and losses.

yomimashou found this chart detailing the results. 結果 on the right means "result" so that's the final score with the audience decibels plus the junior ball votes at two votes per ball. 観客 on the far right means "audience," so that column is the decibels the audience cheered for each team. If you add up the audience results alone, not counting the juniors (ie ruling out what Johnny's can control), Sha would definitely be in the lead. So I guess that's saying something? Go Sha!

At any rate, I'll be seeing Team Sha's last show tomorrow night, and I'll be back to update the final scores on Monday. Wish me luck not sobbing my eyes out at Team Sha's last show together ;___;