September 9th, 2014

Jinchan: srsly?

matsuri matome

In case it's relevant or useful to anyone, here's a compiled list of my Matsuri posts, so they can be read in order if so desired.

~August 3rd @ 6pm (Mu vs Sha)
~August 4th @ 1:30 pm (Sha vs Ra)
~August 9th @ 6 pm (Ga vs Sha) *Kento, Shori, and Fuma were the guests for this show

Marius and Sou performed in all the shows I saw; I didn't see the show where Sou was out for sickness. Same with Genta; he performed in every show I saw, as well.

Sorry, I'm exhausted after an unexpectedly stressful day (basically teaching a bunch of classes by myself because the sub was clueless), so I'll try to have a real post tomorrow x___x;