September 29th, 2014

Reia: cute

Happy Reiaversary to me~

Today is my one year Reiaversary! That's right, this day one year ago, I went to Dream Boys feeling like maybe I'd enjoy a few juniors as well as Tama, and came out having barely watched Tama at all. I'd been a fan of Reia for a while before that, but… one year ago is when I fell in love ♥ Thank you for one amazing year, Reia-hime~ I hope you have another amazing year full of friends, fun, performing, and of course, Jinchan~

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In other news, happy birthday Kishi! You're nineteen, holy shit. I really hope you don't drive |D;;; And that your day was full of juice, ramen, Fu's sexy pyajamas, and your friends! ♥