October 10th, 2014

Chinen: musing

bullet points for your convenience

☼ Heading in to Tokyo tomorrow for the three day weekend!

☁ There's probably a typhoon coming…

☼ I'm really looking forward to the JUMP concert!

☼ Also looking forward to seeing britkit27!

☁ Having really severe anxiety right now for maybe a variety of small reasons but basically no reason, just because that's how anxiety works.

☼ I survived the health check!

☼ I have more calm, reasonable feelings about the shit from Tuesday… after all, the statement wasn't from Johnny's, and frankly, Marius and Sou were already treated not like full members anyway. It sounds like a rehashing of the announcement from back in July, trying to make its first week sales seem more exciting. Or at least, there's no point in getting too worked up until something comes from Johnny's itself.

☼ I guess the goods outweigh the bads! (Maybe…) I hope everyone has a great weekend ♥