October 15th, 2014

Chinen: musing


① Thank you to everyone who left positive comments last night ♥ It may not seem like it but even just a few words of positivity really brightens my day.

snow is my hero right now for always being there for me no matter what ♥

③ This is a bit late, but I won some things unexpectedly in the J&A Fandom Awards 2014: Daybreaker Edition. I know that these things unfortunately leave out a lot of people who deserved to be commended for what they do for fandom, and that's really unfortunate, but completely honestly, I was really happy to be recognized.

I also got second place for Juniors fanfic! And then… the embarrassing one.

This photo is so old, too |D;

④ Throwing myself back into Hey! Say! JUMP headfirst while I wait out the Sexy Zone storm has been going wonderfully ♥ I'd forgotten how much I love those kids. I've been out of JUMP since before Yamada had his personal turnaround, and now I'm really loving seeing him for the sweet guy he always was underneath all the angst and self-doubt. More than anything, though, I'm falling more and more in love with Inoo every day. He was always my favourite BEST member (Chinen has always been my #1 ♥), but recently I've just been so taken that it's almost reaching worrying levels. XD; He's so beautiful and so cute and so nice and so funny, and now that he's out of college and nowhere near as crazy stressed and busy, he has a chance to show it… and I want to watch it forever.

⑤ Speaking of JUMP, the s3art tour goods were so nice! I'm always annoyed that some groups have way better con goods than others (KisuMai, Ebi, Eito, Arashi… y u get the good stuff) but JUMP's this time were wonderful! There was even a tumbler mug with the JUMP characters designed by Hikaru on it! And the s3art design and logo were really cute, making for really cute T-shirts, bags, and penlights. Keep it up, JUMP!

And JUMP is so easy to watch due to their almost complete lack of discrimination these days. Of course, Yamada, Chinen, Yuto, and Daiki will always be in the front, but it's nowhere near the levels of Ijima's recent groups (with the except of Ebi). I'd been whining about how nice it seems to be a Johnny's West fan due to their distinct member colours, changing choreography showing all members nicely, and general sense of equality and balance, but now that I take a step back, JUMP is that way, now, too. Especially since they've overcome so much together, they just have a wonderful bond, and watching them perform together is a delight.

⑦ I want to make it clear that I'm not changing my mind about anyone or pushing anyone away or setting anyone aside. Things are as they are, but I believe that everything will come around one way or another. Just because I'm remembering how much I love JUMP now doesn't mean I love anyone else any less.

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⑨ Generally trying to block out everything bad right now and replace it with good. No one can make me happier but me, right?

⑩ Once more, thank you to everyone who's been kind to me or been there for me in the past few months, weeks, and days. It really means a lot to me to have people reach out, or even say "thank you" when I post news or "I agree with you" when I'm feeling alone. Whether we're close friends or have never spoken before, thank you so much for being great people. ♥