February 27th, 2015

Chinen: captivated

♫ 君が勇気をくれたんだね ♫

Yeesh, so many things happened in fandom today, but I'm going to choose to focus on the good. And so… omg the Korosensations preview!!! It looks amazing! They look amazing! Inoo looks amazing!!! I can't wait at all for this omg why did they release the preview so early? I seriously am not going to make it until March! The costumes are perfect and the stupid code names are perfect and them all acting like they're not Hey! Say! JUMP is so perfect and ahhhh I love them. ♥ I really can't wait for more promotional material to be released T__T;

Also I should find out sometime in the near future if I hit for Inoo's play! And I got the issue of Stage Square with his solo pinup *__* So even though I had a rough day, I'm a happy camper~