March 2nd, 2015

Jun: thougtful


I'm not going to address the news today because I'm too tired of Johnny's crap, and moreover, simply because I don't want to focus on it. As it is, I got hit (minorly) by a car on the way to work today, and I really just don't want to think about unpleasantly things. So instead, I'm going to post photos of the chocolates I made for Valentine's day! I don't care how unrelated that is. XD;

I don't like baking (they say baking is like science, and despite both my parents being chemistry PhDs and my little sister starting a chemistry PhD program next year, I'm not a science person), but I enjoy making artistic food, so I really enjoy the Japanese Valentine tradition. I love giving gifts (sometimes to the point that people think I'm weird, oops) and I have fun making cute designs, so I really look forward to this time of year… even if no one gives me anything for White Day, sigh.

This year, what with my eye surgery and miscellaneous life problems, I was a bit rushed, but I still managed a few different things!

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I'm planning on making more for the end of the year to give to the teachers as a "thank you for putting up with me for a year" sort of gift, so hopefully I'll have more to show off soon! The end of the year, among other things, sucks, but I like to look on the bright side. ♥