March 5th, 2015

Inoo&Hikaru: upward

more good news~

Good news! Now not just Inoo, but Hikaru has a new drama announced for next season! "DoS Deka" (Sadistic Detective) ahahaha. It sounds pretty bad, but maybe in an amusing way |D;; It's starring Okura from Kanjani8, which means that Kanjani8 will probably have the theme song, but I'm still really happy to see Hikaru getting another drama this season! He's such a talented guy. ♥

So that means for spring, Inoo and Hikaru have dramas, Inoo and Yabu have stageplays, Yamada has a movie, and Yuto is making a movie. Plus they all are in a new CM, and they're releasing a DVD single in 2 weeks. JUMP is really doing amazing right now ♥ (knock on wood ;;) And there's a song that's being used in the CM, which… gives me even more hope. ;__; Here's to hoping!

But does anyone remember Hyakka Ryouran from 2012? I really wish that song got recorded. Oh 2012…