March 23rd, 2015

Chinen: captivated


Tomorrow is elementary school graduation and I need to get to sleep because I'm pretty much passing out sitting up, but:

✪ NEWS was a lot of fun! I'm going to try to write up a few amusing things that happened, if I get the time.

✪ JUMP tour was announced for summer! I'm so stupidly excited for this. ♥ It will be my first JUMP concert since my tangae and I'm looking forward to it!

✪ I saw Doctor and Sonic Hunter's costumes at Nagoya Tower Records, which was awesome! I'm hoping to check out the Tokyo and Yokohama ones too, so if I manage that, a compilation post will come later. ^^;

✪ Only a week until Sexy Zone! Concert season has really gotten underway, and while it's tiring, I love it XD

I swear one day I'll get my shit together and make a real post and answer all my comments… but today is not that day =___=;