April 7th, 2015

Inoo: Pretty princess ♥

[translation] Inoo Sakubun, 2015.4.7!

I'm back from Yamanashi! And today was the official start of the new school year~ I had a great time and have stuff to share, but for now, I have an exciting piece of news!

For a limited time, Inoo is going to have his very own JWeb! You can find it on the JUMP page, underneath JUMPaper. It's called "Inoo Sakubun" ("Inoo Essay" in English). I usually don't translate JWeb entries because you can access them officially in English now, but I decided since this is just a special short term thing, I'd go ahead and do it. Inoo is totally ridiculous… but I want to share his ridiculousness with the world. XD;

So with no further ado… the very first issue of "Inoo Sakubun!"

Collapse )

He's so stupidly cute |D;;; But I'm really excited he's getting this opportunity! And did you see his placement on Chau# / Oh I need you??? On the RE he's in the same row with Yamada and Chinen!! I'm so excited for him ;~~~;