April 10th, 2015

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Sensations Costumes!

I'm not sure how common knowledge this was in foreign fandom, but for about two weeks in March, the Korosensations PV costumes were available to be seen from close up in a variety of music stores around Japan. I wasn't able to go to Fukuoka, Osaka, or Hokkaido, but I saw all of the costumes in the Kantou and Chubu regions, so I figured I'd post the photos here. ^^

I guess it's not that exciting to see photos of the costumes rather than seeing them in person, but I do have a few observations and insights to add, so if you're interested, please check below the cut. ^^

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And with that, we managed to see at least one costume for every member of JUMP Sensations! Sadly Inoo's exciting costume was in Osaka, and there was no way I was paying for the shinkansen just to see the costume, but I was excited even just for what I was able to see! I hope that Johnny's does this again sometime, because it was really cool to see all the costumes up close ♥