April 29th, 2015

Inoo: intimate

不思議だね 愛の在処を知ってる

I'm back from Karafuto Ojisan! I'll try to write a more comprehensive post tomorrow (or some time in the near future), but for right now, basically all I have to say is:

① Oh my god, he was amazing ;~~~~; You almost never get to see Ino-chan act, but he was so good. When it was funny everyone laughed, and when it was sad, everyone cried. You could hear the sniffling around the theatre. And he just. Was so good. He deserves to be in dramas and movies, because he was seriously amazing.

② Speaking of which, I cried my eyes out T___T; In a good way! He did so well and it was a good experience.

③ They had Ino-chan goods!! Like, there was goods just for him, with his photo on them. Aside from the pamphlet, there was also a little book of sticky memo slips (sticky notes? fusen in Japanese? flags? I feel like they have lots of names) with Inoo's photo on them. It was limited to one per person, but I want more! T___T;

④ It was pretty amazing to be in a venue of pretty much only Ino-chan fans and their friends XD;

⑤ I wasn't able to get Chau# today because I was out all day, but I'm excited to get it tomorrow!!

I need to get to sleep now, since I have work bright and early, but I'm so happy ♥