May 1st, 2015

Sou: serious

[report] Sexy Power Tour, Yokohama Arena, 2015.3.29 @ 12pm

This is extremely late, but I'm here with a brief report of the Sexy Zone concert when I saw it in Yokohama in March. The tour isn't done; they still have Osaka and Nagoya dates left, so some things might change before then, but I'm not exactly hopeful.

I was honestly somewhat surprised by this concert not because it wasn't in vein with how things are currently, but because I had read so many reports on twitter saying it wasn't as bad as that. However, I'm not sure if we were seeing the same concert, but it was pretty bad to me-- in terms of fairness, first and foremost, of course, but also in terms of being an enjoyable concert, because the guys all looked tired and sad.

In case it isn't clear, consider this your official warning: This report will reflect the opinions of someone who considers Sexy Zone to be 5 members, and who doesn't think that Marius and Sou and their fans (and the fans of all five) should have to settle with "but at least they were included at all!" I will speak negatively of 3-member segments, and of parts where Marius and Sou were treated as Juniors. I will not speak negatively of any group member, because I love all five of them, but I will criticize the way the management is making the group. If you find this offensive or disagreeable, please don't read this report.

Also, as always, this isn't a full setlist report, but rather my impression of the experience.

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And that's it. I'm not attending the Osaka or Nagoya shows, so hopefully they'll be better, but… I don't have my hopes up. At the very least, they all seemed to be trying their very hardest, and there were a lot of times when KFS hugged or supported SouMari, so it seems like no matter what, they're sticking together and five and trying to get through this.