May 20th, 2015

Yamada: :o

[mini-report] Takizawa Kabuki, 2015.4.18 @ 6 pm

This post is going to make me sound like a raving idiot, because I really know nothing about Takizawa Kabuki. I saw it for the first time on April 18th, and because it's the 10th anniversary and they're taking it overseas, I got the impression that it was quite different than it usually is. I do generally know most well-known Japanese samurai tales, but I'm not as familiar with famous kabuki stories (I never studied them in university), so I didn't really get the references, and the kabuki parts were so short that I didn't even have a chance to figure out the main plots of the stories. I've heard from friends who have seen it before that this year's wasn't really a reflection on previous years, so I don't even really have a good model to go on XD; But I did want to put down some of the things that amused me for posterity.

To disclaim, I spent a good part of the show watching Yabu, because I was basically there for yomimashou, who's a Yabu fan, and in solidarity (and because he's the person I was most invested in in the show, to be honest), I watched him the majority of the time. But regardless, this is some of my thoughts and impressions upon watching the show.

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Well, that was probably the dumbest report I've ever written, but there you have it. |D;; That's how much I know about Takizawa Kabuki… absolutely nothing, ahaha. But I really enjoyed it! I hope someone from JUMP is in it again next year, because I'd like to see it again. ♥

In unrelated news, I made a responsible life choice (not) and bought another ticket to Karafuto Ojisan, so I'm heading to Osaka to see it one last time this Saturday! I haven't gotten my ticket yet, but I hope my seat is good!