May 22nd, 2015

Inoo: intimate

Let's go west~

Aaaand getting ready to head out to Osaka tomorrow morning! For the second time in an alarmingly short amount of time |D;; Still, this is the first time I've gone somewhere as far as Osaka just for a show, and it's Inochan's starring play, so I feel like I'm doing well. XD;

The Umeda Geijutsu Gekijo looks way bigger than the globe, but luckily, my seats are in the 7th row. That looks pretty good. I'm hoping that I at least get a good view of him, since I've already seen the play three other times. XD

You'd think with how much I take short weekend trips, I'd be used to this, but packing is alway really stressful to me. What if I leave something really important behind?! Hopefully I have everything I need ready to go. @__@;

This was a pointless post, but oh well. >__>; I hope everyone has a good weekend!