May 25th, 2015

Inoo&Hikaru: upward

back from Osaka!

I'm back from Osaka in one piece and totally exhausted. XD; Karafuto Ojisan was awesome-- it actually was surprisingly different in Osaka. The main difference was the audience reaction, though; in Tokyo, the audiences ranged from quiet to somewhat loud in terms of laughter during the funny parts, but in Osaka, they laughed so loudly. When it came to the sad part, too, people started crying way earlier than in Tokyo, before it even got to the really sad part. XD; And the most ridiculous was that when Inoo did his curtain call, instead of just clapping and waving politely, girls starting screaming! Like, as if it was a concert! I was amazed. XD Osaka really is different.

Ino-chan was still sick, though ; his voice was totally gone, and he was sniffly, too. I really hope that now that the show is done, he'll get a break. Waku Waku in Osaka is soon, but it seems like there probably won't be too much physical exertion required. And I'm glad I can see how he seems on Little Tokyo Live on Wednesday. Hopefully now that the play is done he'll get a chance to heal ;__;

But for now I have to get to bed so I don't get sick too x__x