May 26th, 2015

Inoo: intimate

[report] Karafuto Ojisan plot summary

I finally finished!! As you might know, I was lucky enough to be able to see Karafuto Ojisan four times in total, and I've finally managed to finish my writeup. This is an ~5000 word plot summary of the play. It's not 100% of the details, but I tried not to miss anything important, hence the length! I hope that it at least gives an idea about the play, since sadly, there won't be a DVD. T__T;

Just a warning; this play deals with someone suffering what is almost definitely PTSD after living through a natural disaster, and also has themes of poor parenting and family issues. Read with discretion!

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Whew! That took a lot to write, ahaha. I cried again just writing it and remembering the sad parts… I think I'm going to hear Ino-chan sobbing 「もうええ、速く逃げろ」in my dreams for the rest of my life… But even despite how sad it was, I really wish I could see it again! T__T That's how good it was. At any rate, otsukare, Ino-chan!