June 4th, 2015

Chinen: musing

various JUMP things~

I was excited to see the new JUMP album coverse! For some reason I hadn't realized that the A in "CAR" was supposed to be a 4 until now. XD JUMP WORLD clearly missed the mark since the other three albums are numbered |D;; The whole car theme really isn't my style (in case it wasn't clear, Chau# is much more my aesthetic, ahaha. Pastel and fluffy!) But I'm really happy nonetheless. Ino-chan's position looks really good on two of them, and they all look really cute. ♥ It's hard to believe how many releases they've had recently. I'm knocking on wood hardcore, ahaha, but it's really really exciting.

Also, they announced recently that JUMP and V6 designed the shirt together for 24 hour TV and I'm really looking forward to seeing the design when it gets released ♥ I hope that it's cute!