June 8th, 2015

Yamada: :o

[news] ITADAKI HIGH JUMP to become a regular show starting in July!

Exciting news!! ITADAKI HIGH JUMP, the show which first aired as a special in December of 2014 and included a waking-up prank and the members running on treadmills, is going to become a regular half-hour show starting in July, according to this source!! I'm not going to translate the whole thing, because I don't have that much time, but here are some important points:

It has been decided that Hey! Say! JUMP's regular show, "ITADAKI HIGH JUMP," (Every Wednesday night, 1:25-1:55 on Fuji TV; 1:50-2:20 on the first time) will start from July 8th (Wed).

It will be a variety show made up of only the Hey! Say! JUMP members, in which all of the members gather in the studio each week.

The rest of the article describes things that are going to happen in the 6/10 hour-long "second pilot" episode.

This is really really exciting, because, so long as this article is true to its word (which is always something we have to take with a grain of salt in Johnny's…) it will be JUMP's first all-member only-member regular show! I love Little Tokyo Live, and I loved Yan Yan JUMP, but I'm really happy to see that the group has been given this opportunity to show that they can pull the whole show as a group! There aren't enough opportunities to see all nine members together, either, so I'm just really really excited about this all around.

I'm unsure what the format is going to be (and often, with variety, they try out a bunch of things at first, the way that Little Tokyo Live has changed formats a few times), but whatever it is, I can't wait to watch it!