July 4th, 2015

Inoo: intimate

let's ride, the time is now♪

Today I downloaded a bunch of apps supposed to help you get into good habits, so I hope they work. XD I'm looking forward to trying them. I've always been bad at keeping up with things unless they're a commitment to someone else and not myself, but I've done well with apps in particular, so I hope these apps help! I'm particularly looking forward to using one for writing positive thoughts and appreciating small things in your life more. Because if I don't make my own happiness, no one's going to make it for me, right?

In other news, I watched The Music Day today, and it was really fun! I enjoyed JUMP's performance a lot, and the Johnny's Medley was great too! Ino-chan got to stand in the front row with the three frontmen in the small talk section, too, and the camera made a point to zoom in on him in Ride with Me, even though he's really not featured in that song. ♥ It was so good, and their costumes were really nice, too!

It's been good relaxing all day, but I'm already panicking about packing for traveling abroad… OTL I hate packing so much…