July 5th, 2015

Yamachii: cuddles

first shiritori of the new round~

Starting off the new shiritori round with yet another Americaverse fic~ I know I should write something else one of these days, but Americaverse just comes so easily… |D It's embarrassing, but I guess I'm an American at heart. I hope this is enjoyable anyway!

title: Prism
rating: pg-13 for talk of poorly written erotica
pairings: Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
word count: 3,253
beta: yomimashou
author's note: Set in Americaverse, and written in celebration of the US supreme court ruling gay marriage to be a constitutional right! Inspired somewhat by Ninomiya Kazunari's Niji; if you're unfamiliar with the lyrics, I suggest checking them out here! Written for shiritori @ writetomyheart!
summary: Yuri is like a prism, and Yamada is so, so lucky to have him colouring his world.

Previous Americaverse fics: Ready (Hikaru/Inoo), The Start of Something New (Takaki/Yabu), Engaged (Takaki/Yabu), あけまして (Yamada/Chinen), Lucky (Yuto/Keito)

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