August 12th, 2015

Yuto: sexy


There's been a cat outside my apartment building in the bike park every day since I got home from America, and I've been taking pictures of it because it's super cute. But today, when I bent down to take a photo… the cat came over to me and started nuzzling against my hands and legs, and generally being super affectionate. It was adorable! When I pet it, though, I could feel all it ribs, so I ended up getting a can of mackerel that my sister bought by accident for me back in 2013 and putting a little bit of it in a dish and bringing it out. The cat ate all of it and seemed really happy and wanted to cuddle some more, so it seems like the food made it happy ;___; I love cats, and it seems like this one has just been abandoned… I'm not allowed to have pets in my apartment, but that makes me so sad T__T;;

In other new, today was super busy and stressful, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more free time to work on stuff!
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