September 7th, 2015

Yugo: golden


First and foremost, NEW JUMP SINGLE!!! I was so excited when I saw the announcement. Rumour has it that it's going to be for a face wash commercial? But whatever it's for, I'm really excited and happy. ♥

But in terms of my life, this weekend was a lot of fun! Shounentachi was really good, and I enjoyed it a lot for a lot of reasons. The SixTONES guys were amazing; they clearly worked hard, and while, to my dancer's eyes, it was clear they weren't on the same level as Snow Man, I think they basically held their own. They were super cute and totally put their hearts into the show, and you could tell. I don't want to spoil anything here (I'll write a report after I see it for the second time), but Yugo and Jesse were seriously adorable. Hokuto was super super cute, too, and they were all really amazing. Also, new song!!! It was really amazing to see them in their own costumes made for them singing their own song made for them… ;____; Three years ago, when I first saw them live in concert in Bakaleya Summary, I never would have believed something like this would happen. They've come so far and I'm so proud of them!

Our tickets for this show (row E) were, as it turns out, the 8th row, because I didn't realize that the first three rows were XA, XB, and XC, and they were also all the way off to one side, but I was right next to the door to the hall, so I got to see some of the guys really close when they came in the door. We were also still really close to the stage and able to see the guys acting really, really well, so it was a great experience. The tickets I hit for, though, during Silver Week, are for row C, and also in the center section, and right on an aisle that a lot of the guys go down during various parts of the show, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what that's like!

For now, though, I have two weeks of downtime to catch up on everything that I let slide during the craziness that was the beginning of the term and the English Speech Contest. I'm really sorry if I haven't responded to people's messages and comments yet, I promise I'm getting there!!