September 8th, 2015

Inoo: cosy


So today, I happened to stumble on something exciting. I don't often check Johnny's Net since I get fanclub emails and stuff; I usually end up there only to see when jackets have gone up, and stuff like that. But for some reason, I ended up checking today, and found that JUMP has a new profile image (here!) And Ino-chan is in the front row. Ino-chan is in the front row.


Okay, maybe I'm a little too excited about that, but it's kind of a big deal! I still can't get over how many solo lines he had on JUMPing CAR, too. Ugh, I'm so happy. I hope this continues! ♥

In less fortunate news, there's a typhoon that's supposed to hit tomorrow, and the amount of rain forecast for the morning is insane. I asked a coworker to give me a ride to work, so hopefully I can get there dry. The weather has been really gross for like 2+ weeks now, and I want the rain to end T__T; Damn typhoons.