September 12th, 2015

Jesse&Yugo: conbi

internet problems

Well, I did basically nothing productive today, partly because I'm lazy, but partly because my internet is giving me shit ><; I'm not sure if it got messed up in the typhoon or if the issues is my computer or what, but I can't call until Monday, so I'll just have to struggle through for now. At times, it works almost normally, and at times it refuses to connect at all, so I have no idea what the issue is. Sigh.

I made icons for the first time in a long time on Thursday, but I don't think I can upload them until I get my internet fixed x__x; But I'm looking forward to posting them when I do get a good connection! I changed my default icon and I'm pretty much in love with it, ahaha. I hope photoshop continues to not make my computer crash ;;

Tomorrow, I need to pick my outfits for silver week, but for now… more relaxing! What else are weekends in for, am I right?