September 18th, 2015

Fuma: laugh

almost Silver Week…!

Whew! Made it through this week, which means it's time for Silver Week! Since Japanese national holidays don't align the same every year (like many countries' holidays XD), this is my first time really having a Silver Week! I'm going to Tokyo for 4 days, then taking the last day to relax and watch the Music Station special~ And tomorrow I'm seeing Shounen-tachi again, so that will hopefully be fun!

I'm also taking my computer in to the shop tomorrow, which I'm pretty stressed about. I don't know what's wrong now, except that it won't connect to pretty much any wifi connection except tethering to my phone, which is, obviously, a huge pain. I'm not sure why I'm cursed when it comes to computers, but I'm pretty fed up with the situation. I may end up having to get a new computer sooner rather than later.

At any rate, by and large, this weekend is hopefully going to be fun and relaxing! I won't be around much until the 23rd, but if you comment or send me a message I should see it at some point over the holiday. ^^