September 24th, 2015

Jun: thougtful

what day even is it

I'm back from Silver Week! Well, technically I got back yesterday, but I was so beat (and so busy watching the Music Station 10 hour special) that I didn't get around to much of anything. I had a really great time in Tokyo with my friends; we saw Shounen-tachi again, and ate a lot of delicious food, and generally had a good time. The only low point was when we tried to go to Harajuku and ended up being there at the same time a some sort of Kansai Jr. filming and nearly got trampled to death on Takeshita Doori; on top of that, the paparazzi shops were totally packed in a way I've never seen before and it was crazy. We didn't even try the shop… I guess we'll have to go back later.

And now I have a two day work week (woo!) and I'm totally perplexed that it's not Monday. XD As were all my students, and… well, everyone. I spent all yesterday thinking that it was Sunday, too. |D;

At any rate, happy anniversary to JUMP, and happy joining the agency anniversary as of yesterday to Yabu and Inoo ♥ Here's to this year being another good year!