October 18th, 2015

Inoo: Pretty princess ♥

Comedians love Inochan

I'm in love with the fact that Inoo loves old guys and old guys love Inoo back. If you're unaware, recently, he's been proclaiming "I love old guys!" for example in the episode Little Tokyo Live from 2 or 3 weeks ago, and also in this past weekend's Radirer Saturday broadcast XD; And I love it. I love him. But on top of that, various older guys and comedians have been showing their Inochan love. For example, in the episode of Little Tokyo Live with Heisei Nobushi Kobushi, clearly Yoshimura enjoyed interacting with him and not letting him eat the food and forcing him to eat wasabi. And just recently, the actor who costarred with him in Karafuto Ojisan playing his biological father posted about him on his blog again, calling him "Karafuto Oujisan" or "the Prince of Karafuto" (a nickname he had given Ino-chan during the run of the play).

But just recently, since they were on the variety show "Animal Park" together, the comedian Chihara Junior has fallen in love with Inoo, too! Today, his manager posted an entry to his blog here entitled "A secret about Junior-san since meeting Hey! Say! JUMP's Inoo Kei." It talks about how, despite the fact that he has a show early the next day, he stays up late to watch Ino-chan on Itadaki High JUMP. This is, of course, after Chihara Junior said on Animal Park that Inoo was the cutest person on the show, and that he wanted to pay his rent for him, and he was happier about getting Inoo's phone number than the monetary prize for winning the show. It's pretty excellent. ♥

Unrelated to old guys, Radirer Saturday has also been excellent! The people who run the show totally understand what makes Inochan great, and allow him to show it. He even got to eat rice on air last weekend XD; I'm not sure where you can listen to it, but I highly recommend it to anyone who can listen!