October 23rd, 2015

Daiki: ♡

JUMPing to… Osaka?

Leave it to Johnny's to announce a concert on New Year's late enough that everyone's always got their plans made. Or at least, I already have my plans made. @___@; Now my friends and I have to change all our hotel bookings and figure out how much of New Year's we're spending in Osaka and how much we're spending in Tokyo… Yikes. But either way, I'm really happy that they're having a countdown concert, and I'm really looking forward to it! We have 4 people balloting, so hopefully we can even hit and pay base price. XD;

In other news, I discovered one of my coworkers at my elementary school is a hidden Yuto fan and I'm so stoked. She and the other 6th grade teacher asked me out to dinner, as they put it, because the 6th graders are difficult this year and I had to struggle with them. It's not really that much of a struggle, but I appreciated the gesture. I'm not super fond of the one teacher; he's the teacher I had a not-so-nice nickname for because he's so pompous, but he was pretty much fine to chat with for a few hours over dinner, and then on the way home in the car with the younger female teacher, I learned that she used to be a huge V6 fan, and she's actually super knowledgeable about Johnny's… and it turns out she's a huge Yuto fan! I was so surprised because she's said nothing about it before, but we talked for almost an hour in her car about JUMP, and she said she'd want to come to JUMP concerts in the future, and come watch JUMP DVDs. I'm so excited XD I hope that this all pans out.

This week has been stressful, but at least it ended on a positive note!