October 25th, 2015

Inoo&Hikaru: upward


After waiting until a day after the release date to get it, I got busy and, blasphemous as it is, only got around to watching the Kimi Attraction videos and makings today. My conclusion: JUMP makings were actually more interesting when they were all reckless brats who were probably driving the staff insane. Of course… that's not actually 100% how I feel, but there has recently definitely been a feeling of them being mature adults who can handle a few hours of down time while filming without running around breaking things or riding bikes in the parking lot. It's really great to see them focus so hard on work and be such wonderful, mature hard workers, but on the other hand, it's a little nostalgic thinking back to the makings that I watched thinking "I don't envy their staff." XD; It was still really enjoyable, though, and I think in the end you can tell from the end product how much more mature and hardworking they are. I particularly like the dance~

I did a breakdown of the lyrics after watching it, which is obviously not 100% quantitative unless you literally want to count syllables, because what does an "oh oh" or an "ah ah" count for? XD But I tried to make it as discrete and numerical as possible. The final count of solo lines per person is:
Yamada: 8.5 lines
Yuto: 5 lines
Chinen: 4.5 lines
Daiki: 4.5 lines
Inoo: 4.5 lines
Yabu: 2.5 lines
Hikaru: 2 lines
Takaki: 2 lines
Keito: 1.5 lines
Unsurprisingly, the big loser is Keito. Surprisingly, the second biggest loser is Takaki? Hikaru has the same number of lines as him, but Hikaru also says the majority of the "oh oh"s and get slightly more screen time due to that. Hikaru also made out super well in Chau#, while Takaki was stiffed in Kira Kira Hikare (give the shortest and presumably lowest-ranked solo line in the second verse since it was Inoo's in the first verse, and he's ranked below Yuto, Chinen, and Daiki, who had the other three). I'm wondering if Takaki did something to piss off the management (Takaki and Keito are pretty much a Friday waiting to happen…) or if it's just that he's unlucky at the moment.

The other surprising things are that Yuto has more solo lines than Chinen and Daiki, while Inoo has the same as them? Inoo has, since the beginning of this phase of Inoo Kakumei, been consistently ranked sort of just below Chinen and Daiki, but I honestly felt that both in the visuals and the solo lines, he was an equal to them this time. If anything, I felt like those three were sort of the mains for this single, and while Yamada is the group's center and therefore, as always, got the most solo lines, he sometimes was actually pushed behind or to the side of Chinen, Daiki, and Inoo. On the other hand, Yuto had more solo lines, but visually, I felt like he was pretty clearly second-tier importance? It almost felt like the extra solo lines were a consolation prize for him not being visually featured, or something.

Those are just my thoughts and opinions, though, of course. Either way, while I don't have as strong of a feeling of love for Kimi Attraction as I did for Chau# right when it came out (and what's with the really unexpected electric guitar part?) I do really enjoy it, and its first week sales are going really well (somewhere around 189,000?) I'm happy for and proud of JUMP!