February 6th, 2016

Juntoshi: captivated

the good news and the bad news, February weekend edition

The good news: I got some more chocolates done today after a lot of adventures in candy cane smashing. I wanted to make white chocolate-peppermint and dark chocolate half and half chocolates, because I have a lot of candy canes that I've been given around Christmas time over the years… and of course, also because mint chocolate is delicious. But… the candy canes were much harder to break than expected. |D;; Those things are sharp! I tried banging them against the ground inside a plastic bag, but it broke the plastic bag and rained candy cane bits all over me OTL So I ended up beating them with the handle of a screwdriver, because I don't have a hammer. Or more accurately, I tried it once to make sure it worked, then yomimashou beat them with the handle of a screwdriver. Thanks, yomimashou.

The bad news: I think I'm coming down with something. I feel gross enough but not feverish enough that it's probably not the flu, thankfully, but I still feel really blegh. Hopefully I can sleep it off quickly. T__T;