April 12th, 2018

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[report] NEWS "Epcotia" in Sendai Sekisui Heim Super Arena, 2018.4.7

My friend and I were lucky enough this year to hit for the Miyagi shows of the Epcotia tour this year, so we caught the shinkansen up to Sendai last weekend for the concert! It was my first time to visit Sendai, as well mmy first time to see a show in Sekisui Heim Super Arena, so I was pretty excited! I've added the venue to my comprehensive venue guide, so if you're looking to go there for another show, feel free to check it out to see what the venue was like! I've written up a relatively thorough report of the show, so if you're interested, please feel free to check it out!

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I saw the show on the 8th as well, and I'm going to Ecopa this weekend, too, so I'll try to keep on top of my reports! Famous last words, I know, but I'm really determined to get back in the rhythm of reports this year, so... ganbarimasu!